IntraOral Scanners

  • Incorporating 2D images & 3D impressions with a communication hub to create the ultimate scanning and communication experience. 
• Preliminary Examination
• Buccal Monitoring
• Smile Design



    3DISC OVO is the combination of 3 technologies: 2D camera, 3D scanner and the Scan&Tell communication hub, providing easy follow-up, tracking & communication to closely monitor the evolution of the patient’s health. A new concept, a new...

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  • Cameo Elegant 3 Intraoral Scanner


    Cameo Elegant 3 Intraoral Scanner

    Scan up to 30% faster thanks to this drastically upgraded scanning tehcnology. Slimmer and 15% longer autoclavable scanner tips offer patients a more comfortable clinical experience. A user-friendly software suite allows clinicians the flexibility and...

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