AMW400S Wet Mill


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AMW400S Dental Wet Milling Machine

Aidite AMW-400S is a stable, high-precision, highly efficient wet milling machine. The equipment is easy to operate and adopts one-piece silicone protection and a new fixture concept design. Bring you the ideal personalized abutment and glass ceramic processing solutions




Platform-Aviation cast aluminum
Dimensions and weight-590×730×820(mm);
Processing methods-Wet milling
Number of tools-10 Pieces
Waterproof-One-piece silicone, good waterproof and airtight
Fixture Type-Block material fixture/reverse gripper fixture
Processing material thickness-6 glass ceramic, 6 premill
Processing material-Premill, wet milling restoration material, PMMA and other wet milling
Nesting CAM software-Open
Processing Angle-B axis:360°
Motor-Bus servo and motor
Barometric pressure-≥6Bar
Power suppl rocessing Base time-Premill≤15min Wet milling restoration material≤20min